Summer school

This is a two week summer school. It is open especially for undergraduate and postgraduate students of economics and business, ecology, environmental sciences and environmental protection, as well as European studies and public sector economics. Students from other fields are also welcomed.

Acquire knowledge

Students get an important opportunity to learn about new public sector management trends, that include the idea of integrating managerial approaches to the public sector activities within important part of this trend being public-private partnerships (PPP). The main objective of this intensive programme is to spread the awareness of modern possibilities in infrastructure delivery among the students, who are potential actors in future PPP in EU. They might become national public servants, managing such projects from the point of view of public sector interests, or private managers, who will cooperate in such complex projects, representing private interests. Both parties need to be aware of positive and negative effects of such partnerships: risk sharing, managing and financing complex projects. Such experts have to be able to recognize interdisciplinary approach in PPP, which is a revolutionary way of infrastructure provision. Such knowledge obtained by the students will undoubtedly contribute to larger amount of PPP projects in the whole EU in the future.

Earn ECTS credit points

In line with your home university policy you can earn ECTS credits, if you fulfill all modules’ requirements. Together with the ECTS you receive a Certificate of attendance. Modules, 3 ECTS each, consist of interesting topics:

  • Module A: Economics of PPP, Project financing and PPP, International markets and PPP I, International markets and PPP II;  
  • Module B: Project management and PPP, Management and governance of PPP, Global Management in technological firms: current issues and future trends in PPP, Risk management;  
  • Module C: Entrepreneurial behaviour in PPP; Forecasting and modeling in PPP; Legal aspects of PPP; Case studies of PPP.

Subject related activities

You will visit successful companies taking part in PPP activities in Styria region as well as other regions, including the seaside. An excursion, picnic, cultural activities and similar are planned. During the summer school the International Festival Lent that is the peak of summer life, takes place in Maribor. More than 14 days of excellent festival happenings with many renowned Slovene and foreign performers, also attracts many amateurs to Maribor from Slovenia and abroad.

Modules with Topics