The acquired knowledge in this study field will give you the expertise in entrepreneurship, developmental and operational management of small and medium-sized enterprises, the implementation of intrapreneurship, the management of independent entrepreneurial plans as well as programmes in large enterprises, the foundation of your own enterprises or for the take-over of the already established family enterprises.

Year 2

3rd semester (Winter)

Course ECTS
Marketing Research 6
Elective course 1 5
Entrepreneurship 6
Elective course 2 5
Statistics 5
Foreign Business Language II (English, German) 3

4th semester (Summer)

Course ECTS
Innovation Management 7
Dynamic Entrepreneurship 7
Elective course 3 6
Elective course 4 7
Foreign Business Language II (English, German) 3

Year 3

6th semester (Summer)

Course ECTS
International Marketing Management 7
Elective course 6 7
Foreign Business Language III (English, German) 3
Project work – Entrepreneurship 7
Diploma project 6