Accounting, Auditing and Taxation

Your knowledge will be essential for the implementation of professionally demanding tasks in various organisations in the field of accounting and auditing, the performance of taxation activity, the performance of tax consulting activities as an independent professional or business entity's manager for the performance of such activities for others.

Year 2

3rd semester (Winter)

Course ECTS
Basic Management Accounting 6
Elective course 1 5
Cost Accounting 6
Elective course 2 5
Statistics 5
Foreign Business Language II (English, German) 3

4th semester (Summer)

Course ECTS
Financial Accounting 7
Tax Accounting 7
Elective course 3 6
Elective course 4 7
Foreign Business Language II (English, German) 3

Year 3

6th semester (Summer)

Course ECTS
Auditing 7
Elective course 6 7
Foreign Business Language III (English, German) 3
Project work – Accounting, Auditing and Taxation 7
Diploma project 6