University education programme (3+)

The university education programme ‘Economic and Business Sciences’ defines the students as responsible and active partners in the educational process. The students are given the opportunity to adapt a large proportion of the programme according to their individual professional ambitions and to select those courses which will enable them to acquire the professional knowledge they find significant for their personal professional development and future careers. The programme offers 30 courses, 16 of which are common to all study fields while 14 courses depend on the students’ decisions (i.e. 6 study field courses and 8 elective courses).

Study Fields

After completing the common first year of study, students may enrol into one of the 8 study fields:

1. Accounting, Auditing and Taxation

2. Business Management and Organisation

3. E-Business

4. Economics

5. Entrepreneurship

6. Economic and Business Studies

7. Finance and Banking

8. International Business Economics

9. Marketing

After fulfilling all the requirements of the programme, the students are awarded the professional title ‘Bachelor of Science in Economics’.

Each study field offers the students a narrow professional specialization and, consequently, the development of specific competencies. This enables the students to develop relevant professional competencies during their studies and acquire a specialized knowledge to perform tasks within the selected business function, the level of management and professional field. Ambitious students may enroll into two parallel study fields, therefore gaining a much broader professional knowledge.

Year 1

Year 2

Course ECTS
Statistics 5
Foreign Business Language II 6
Study field course 1 6
Study field course 2 6
Study field course 3 7
Study field course 4 7
Elective course 1 5
Elective course 2 5
Elective course 3 6
Elective course 4 7

Year 3

Course ECTS
Business Policy and Strategic Management 5
Foreign Business Language III 6
Study field course 5 6
Study field course 6 6
Study field course 7 5
Study field course 8 7
Study field course 9 7
Elective course 5 5
Elective course 6 7
Project work 7
Diploma project 6