You will be able to use the acquired professional knowledge in the formation of organizations, in the management of their business processes (analysis of operation of organizations, formation of suggestions for organizational changes and their structure and for the functioning as well as the use of modern information technology) through the detailed specialization in either general management or in information management.

Year 2

4th semester (Summer)

Course ECTS
Multiple Projects Business 6
Elective course 1 5
Basic Cost and Management Accounting 4
Elective course of professional development 1/II. 3
Practical training 12

Year 3

5th semester (Winter)

Course ECTS
Information Systems for Management 6
Hospitality Management
Business Growth

E-Business 4
Personnel Management 5
Business Policy and Strategic Management 6
Elective course of professional development 2/I. 3

6th semester (Summer)

Course ECTS
Designing of Organization 6
Elective course 2 6
Elective course of professional development 2/II. 3
Practical training 7
Diploma project 8