As an entrepreneur or an employee in an enterprise, you will be trained to seek and create entrepreneurial opportunities, to establish and manage your own enterprise, to have a creative and responsible role in small and medium-sized enterprises as well as to take over professionally demanding and accountable tasks in large companies and non-profit organizations. 

Year 2

4th semester (Summer)

Course ECTS
Corporate Entrepreneurship
Elective course 1 5
Basic Cost and Management Accounting 4
Elective course of professional development 1/II. 3
Practical training 12

Year 3

5th semester (Winter)

Course ECTS
Business Growth 6
Business Finance I
Organizational behavior
Methods of marketing research

E-Business 4
Operations Management 5
Business Policy and Strategic Management 6
Elective course of professional development 2/I. 3

6th semester (Summer)

Course ECTS
New Venture Creation and Initiation 6
Elective course 2 6
Elective course of professional development 2/II. 3
Practical training 7
Diploma project 8