Strategic and Project Management

As graduates, you will be trained to independently solve the most demanding and non-routine professional problems which require an in-depth and analytical (scientific) approach to the definition of economic and business issues as well as to find optimal solutions in the field of strategic and project management in various organizations. You may work as a program leader trained for working in internationally standardized occupations, such as program project manager, project manager or project leader. You will be trained to implement other tasks within holistic project organization.

Year 1

2nd semester (Summer)

Course ECTS
Programme and Project Management 8
Credibility and Corporate Culture 8
Development of Dynamic Enterprise 8
Elective course 1 6

Year 2

3rd semester (Winter)

Course ECTS
Project Oriented Strategic Management 10
Start up and Developmental Management 10
Elective course 2 10

4th semester (Summer)

Course ECTS
Master's thesis completion 30