Management of public enterprises


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prof. dr. Samo Bobekmag. Tanja Koležnik Krašovic

Public enterprises, sometimes called also state owned enterprises, still remain an important and also considerable part of national economies all around the world. They employ a lot of successful professionals with in-depth distinct professional knowledge, usually in technological areas or in public administration, who often lack management knowledge which will enable them successful management careers. Due to an increasing demand for such education, FEB has decided to offer a Master’s programme Management of Public Enterprises, which combines general MBA with specifics of public enterprises and is specially designed for high-achieving professionals who have earned their bachelor’s degrees in social, technical, natural and all other sciences and who wish to take the next major step in their careers.

FEB Master’s programme Management of Public Enterprises is offered as a two-year study programme and is open to young professionals who have already earned their undergraduate degrees. It is unique because it covers two key fields for a successful career in management, i.e. general MBA knowledge adjusted to Public Enterprises and specific knowledge key of business functions important for Public Enterprises. The programme covers broad range of topics from strategic management to finance management, marketing management, information management, human resources management to organizational theory, international economic order and others. Topics are covered in depth by combining theoretical knowledge in both fields with practice-oriented applications. It examines the most up-to-date concepts in all major business areas at the advanced level. The participants develop both academic excellence and practical hands-on skills they will need to succeed in their careers.

Management of public enterprises is only part-time study.

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Year 1

Year 2

Semester 3 (Winter)

Course ECTS
Strategic Management Accounting 5
Law of Intellectual Property 5
Strategic Human Resource Management 5
Elective Course 5
Elective Course 5
Elective Course 5

Semester 4 (Summer)

Course ECTS
Master thesis       30



Elective Courses

Course Lecturers
Macroeconomics II dr. Sebastjan Strašek; dr. Timotej Jagrič
Public Finance II dr. Tanja Markovič Hribernik
Marketing Information System dr. Borut Milfelner
Strategic Supply Chain Management dr. Klavdij Logožar
Business Ethics and Organization Culture dr. Vojko Potočan
Business Information Solutions dr. Simona Sternad Zabukovšek
Invention and Innovation Management dr. Zdenka Ženko
Credibility and Corporate Culture dr. Jernej Belak
Technological and Environmental Innovations dr. Gregor Radonjič