Corporate Governance and Management

Despite their in-depth distinct professional knowledge, a lot of successful professionals with bachelor’s degrees in different disciplines who have started their management careers or who wish to become managers often lack management knowledge which will enable them to manage people and organizations. Due to an increasing demand for such education, FEB has decided to offer a Master’s programme Corporate Governance and Management, which is specially designed for high-achieving professionals who have earned their bachelor’s degrees in social, technical, natural and all other sciences and who wish to take the next major step in their careers.

FEB Master’s programme Corporate Governance and Management is offered as a two-year study programme and is open to young professionals who have already earned their undergraduate degrees. It is unique because it covers two key fields for a successful career in management, i.e. corporate governance and management of organizations. As a two-year full-time study programme, Corporate Governance and Management programme is a major undertaking. However, the benefits of graduating from it are significant. Within the programme, the participants build on the skills and knowledge they have already acquired in their prior studies and professional life. The programme covers corporate governance and management in depth by combining theoretical knowledge in both fields with practice-oriented applications. It examines the most up-to-date concepts in all major business areas at the advanced level, i.e. strategic management, business law, marketing, finance, information management and others. The participants develop both academic excellence and practical hands-on skills they will need to succeed in their careers.

Corporate governance and management is only part-time study. At least 14 candidates required for english execution of study field.


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prof. dr. Zdenka ŽenkoTanja Koležnik Krašovic

Year 1

Year 2

Semester 3 (Winter)

Course ECTS
Governance and Strategic Management 5
Corporate Governance 5
Elective course 1 5
Elective course 2 5
Elective course 3 5
Elective course 4 5

Semester 4 (Summer)

Course ECTS
Master's Thesis  30

Elective courses (1, 2, 3, 4)