The study programme in Economic and business sciences

This post-graduate programme is researchoriented. It guides the students towards extended and research-based solving of economic and business issues within the selected study field. It ensures required professional skills for work in the economy at the most demanding professional, analytical, research and managerial positions.

Study Fields

With its wide range of courses, the master’s programme enables the students to choose their individual fields of specialisation already in the first year. The programme offers 11 study fields: 

1. Accounting, Auditing and Taxation

2. Economics

3. Entrepreneurship and Innovation

4. Finance and Banking

5. Information Systems and E-Business Management

6. International Business Economics

7. Management, Organisation and Human Resources

8. Marketing Management

9. Strategic and Project Management

10. Economic and business studies - lectures only in English language

11. Data Science in business - from the study year 2024/2025 - lectures only in English language

The 2nd cycle of study, i.e. the master’s programme ‘Economic and Business Sciences’, comprises 10 courses. From the very beginning, the students acquire fundamental methodological knowledge for scientific research and for the solution of economic and business issues. After fulfilling all the requirements of the programme, the students are awarded the professional title ‘Master of Science in Economics’.

Year 1

Course ECTS
Research Methods 10
Macroeconomics II*
Modern Microeconomic Analysis*
Basic concepts of a company*

Study field course 1 10
Study field course 2 8
Study field course 3 8
Study field course 4 8
Elective course 1 6

*Note: Student choose one of the four courses.

Year 2

Course ECTS
Study field course 5 10
Study field course 6 10
Elective course 2 10
Master's thesis