3+2+3 Model

Study at the FEB – Bologna Principles ‘3+2+3’

In the academic year 2006/2007, the FEB introduced the new 2-cycle programmes according to the ‘3+2’ model, therefore harmonizing them with the Bologna process guidelines.

The 1st cycle, which comprises the university education programme and the professional higher education programme, lasts three years (180 ECTS credits) while the 2nd cycle, i.e. the master’s programme, lasts two years (120 ECTS credits).

The 3rd cycle, i.e. the research - oriented doctoral programme, is open to graduates from the 2nd cycle and lasts three years (180 ECTS credits).

Regardless of which 1st cycle programme they choose, the students may continue their studies in the 2nd cycle master’s programme ‘Economic and Business Sciences’.

The FEB offers its students to study either full-time or part-time. Apart from Maribor, the part-time study is organised in Celje, Ljubljana, Koper and Murska Sobota and serves the needs of those students who are employed as well as of those who live outside Maribor and wish to study at the FEB while remaining to live in their hometown.

Apart from the new programmes, the FEB also carries out the following programmes which will be suspended in the forthcoming years:

  • University education programme– ‘Economics’, 
  • Higher professional education programme – ‘ Business Administration’,
  • Master of science programme – ‘Economics and Business’,
  • Master of Business Administration – MBA
  • Doctoral study programme – ‘Economics and Business’