Tutors students are a team of eleven students at least second year students at Faculty of Economics and Business, who are there to help the first year students. We are accessible in the tutor office or via e-mail. We offer solutions to student questions like:

  • Where can I find the certain class, the office…? 
  • When is the right time to register for the exams? 
  • How to master the study material? 
  • Where can I buy student coupons? 

 The main purpose of the tutor system

  • To help the students to get involved in the faculty system 
  • To guide the students through the study and help them with problems that appear in the first year of study 
  • To improve the students´ results, the quality of learning,  to increase their fluctuation to higher grades 

Main tasks of tutors students:

  • Offering help to freshmen 
  • Giving information about faculty issues and studying 
  • Giving advice how to cope with the problems of study 
  • Solving problems 

Tutor for international students is Klemen Zapečnik. You can contact him if you have any problem. His contact:  klemen.zapecnik@student.um.si.

More about tutors: Tutorji