FEB student Council

The FEB Student Council is the only student management body at the Faculty and consists of 12 members. The students from each year of study, including post-graduate students, vote their own representatives and presidents at direct elections. The Council is chaired by the vice-dean for student issues.

The current vice dean for student’s affairs:

Nomi Hrast
+386 (0) 2 22 90 260

The Council represents student interests in various Faculty bodies, it helps students to solve different study-related problems and it expresses opinions on study programmes and academic staff. In addition, the students carry out questionnaires about the satisfaction of students at the FEB, organize round table discussions, sports events and a sophisticated social event of the year – the ‘FEB Freshman Party’.

The major tasks of the Student Council of the EPF UM are:

  • giving opinions on the pedagogical work of assistants, assistants, and associate professors when they ask for their appointment in pedagogical titles. Students' opinion is binding,
  • discussing and giving opinion on general acts, study programs, other acts and programs and proposals relating to the rights and duties of students,
  • examines and gives the Senate of the faculty and the Student Council of the University an opinion on matters within their jurisdiction,
  • in accordance with a general act adopted by the University Board of Directors, funds available for the Interest activities of students
  • solving students' problems related to the study process,
  • strives for the highest quality of study,
  • organizes social evenings, parties, frustrations, round tables, educational projects, ...
  • takes care of sports activities of students,
  • He is committed to cooperating with other members of the University of Maribor, as well as with other universities.

Some projects organized by the Student Council EPF UM:

  • Career fair;
  • Professional excursions;
  • Fair of used study material;
  • Workshop: business etiquette for lunch;
  • EPF's health week;
  • Professions in reality - Collaboration with various companies that presented to students what they really do in the profession of an economist;
  • Language courses - for example: Spanish, Russian, Chinese, German;
  • Workshop: How to graduate successfully
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Workshops as: Win financial literacy, Nonverbal communication and body language, Social networks as a communication and sales weapon, NLP technique, Public Speaking etc.
  • Issue brochure “Razlagova razlaga” - a guide for freshman students
  • Trivia night, Movie night, Semester party, Welcome party, EPF picnic;
  • Macro stories of micro companies – story of success;
  • Charity Action - collecting toys and sweets for children, collecting food for animals in a shelter