AIESEC International and AIESEC Maribor
AIESEC Maribor is a part of AIESEC International, which is the world’s largest student organisation. It is present in over 100 countries and at more than 1,100 universities throughout the world. Since its beginnings, it has developed into an organisation with endless energy and inspiration.Its international professional exchanges and support activities provide practical learning experience to thousands of young people.

Far the best experiences available to AIESEC members are the work-abroad opportunities, which are offered to more than 4,000 students annually. Work placements in the organisations in selected countries may last up to 18 months. The members work in a wide range of fields in the economy as well as in public and civil sector. AIESEC organises more than 350 conferences annually and provides more than 5,000 leadership positions. Together with a focus on building personal networks and exploring the direction and ambition of their future, AIESEC has an innovative approach to engaging and developing young people. Our partner organisations see AIESEC as the path to development of young people and as the means of the access to high-potential young talent from around the world.