FEB Institutes

  • Institute of Accounting, Auditing and Business Taxation
  • Institute of Business Law
  • Institute of Economic Analysis and Forecasting
  • Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  • Institute of Finance and Artificial Intelligence
  • Institute of International Economic and Business Studies
  • Institute of Languages and Foreign Business Languages
  • Institute of Marketing
  • Institute of Operational Research
  • Institute of Management and Organisation
  • Institute of Project Management
  • Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurial Environment Protection
  • Institute of Tourism and Business Logistics
  • Institute of Corporate Governance and Strategic Management
  • Institute of e-business and Information Technology Management


Institute of Accounting, Auditing and Business Taxation

Head: Assoc. Prof. Lidija Hauptman, Ph.D.,

Research areas:

  • Accounting (financial, cost, managerial)
  • Accounting information systems
  • Study of economic categories and business valuation
  • Investments and investment evaluation
  • Strategic and operational controlling
  • Business analysis and financial rehabilitation
  • Business (internal and external), tax and governmental auditing
  • Internal control systems and business control
  • Taxation, tax financial statements, tax optimization

Institute of Business Law

Head: Assoc. Prof. Peter Podgorelec, Ph.D.,

Research areas:

  • Corporate law
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Securities (security) law
  • Compulsory settlement, bankruptcy law and winding up
  • Finance law
  • Taxation law
  • Corporate governance
  • Contractual law
  • Public procurement law
  • Competition law
  • Intellectual property law
  • International business law
  • EU law
  • Arbitration law
  • Insurance law

Institute of Economic Analysis and Forecasting

Head: Assoc. Prof. Silvo Dajčman, Ph.D.,

Research areas:

  • Economic policy in the process of integration and globalization
  • Price mechanisms in integration processes
  • Sector analysis
  • International comparisons of prices and wages
  • Economic movements
  • Econometric models for simulation of open economies functioning
  • Labour market analysis in Slovenia and the EU
  • Functioning of the EU Single Market
  • Economic aspects of migration
  • Market analysis for companies

Institute of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Head: Full Prof.  Barbara Bradač Hojnik, Ph.D.,

Research areas:

  • Establishment, development and growth of SMEs
  • Business planning and entrepreneurship idea evaluation
  • Female entrepreneurship
  • Lean entrepreneurship
  • International entrepreneurship
  • Family business
  • Corporate entrepreneurship
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable entrepreneurship
  • Inclusive entrepreneurship
  • Business economics
  • Economics of media organizations
  • Environmental economics
  • Networking and business cooperation
  • Researching business environment
  • Research and development of efficient and profitable business models
  • Innovativeness of companies
  • Innovation management
  • Organisational and managerial conditions for innovation processes
  • Holistic management through system theory and social responsibility


Institute of Finance and Artificial Intelligence

Head: Full Prof. Timotej Jagric, Ph.D., Ph.D.,

Research areas:

  • Corporate finance
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Health economics
  • Quantitative methods in finance
  • Risk management
  • VAR models
  • Stress testing
  • Behaviour finance
  • Experimental economics
  • Data science
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning


Institute of International Economic and Business Studies

Head: Assist. Prof. Romana Korez Vide, Ph.D.,

Research areas:

  • International economic relations
  • International marketing and international business
  • Management of intercultural differences in international business
  • International finance and international corporate finance
  • International economic trends
  • Public sector financing
  • Regional and sectoral topics
  • International economic relations of Slovenia
  • Long-term development strategies of Slovenia

Institute of Languages ​​and Foreign Business Languages

Head: Prof.  Natasa Gajst, M.S.,

Research areas:

  • Research of foreign languages as languages for specific purposes

o   specialized terminology and terminography

o   corpus analysis of languages for specific purposes

o   communication patterns, business communication in foreign languages

o   business correspondence

  • Research of LSP teaching and learning

o   modern and creative methods of foreign business languages teaching and learning

o   tools and materials for foreign business languages teaching and learning

o   foreign business languages assessment, international standards

o   academic and professional writing instruction

o   lifelong and non-formal learning of foreign languages

  • Interdisciplinary research

o   intercultural communication and intercultural competences in business context

o   use of foreign languages as element of business culture and competitiveness of organisations

Institute of Marketing

Head: Full Prof. Damijan Mumel, Ph.D.,

Research areas:

  • Marketing research
  • Research for marketing
  • Marketing mix (product, price, promotion, distribution)
  • Strategic marketing
  • Marketing in culture
  • Marketing of trade organizations
  • Marketing of non-profit organizations
  • Services marketing
  • Relationship marketing
  • Customer relationship management
  • Purchasing management
  • Product management
  • Internal marketing
  • Social marketing
  • Organization, product and brand image
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Macroeconomic trends and marketing
  • E-marketing


Institute of Operational Research

Head: Full Prof. Alenka Kavkler, Ph.D.,

Research areas:

  • Mathematics for economics
  • Actuarial mathematics
  • Mathematical statistics
  • Economic statistics
  • Econometrics
  • Operations research
  • Quantitative models for decision making

Institute of Management and Organization

Head: Assoc. Prof. Simona Šarotar Žižek, Ph.D.,

Research areas:

  • Organizational behaviour
  • Management of human resources in companies
  • Encouraging creativity among employees
  • Overcoming stress among employees
  • Well-being management
  • Health and safety
  • Performance management
  • Business quality management systems (ISO 9000 consultancy)
  • Information security (consulting for ISO 17799)
  • Organization of production and service organizations
  • Design and development of organizational models for business support
  • Development of management solutions for the operation of companies
  • Management of business processes


Institute of Project Management

Head: Assoc. Prof. Igor Vrečko, Ph.D.,

Research areas:

  • Strategies and strategic management
  • Projects and project management
  • Global, strategic and business crisis
  • Formation of strategies and projects
  • Strategies start-up
  • Projects start-up
  • Programmes of projects
  • Multi-projects business operations and production of projects
  • Project information system
  • Project-oriented business operations
  • Project management in the fields of research, development and international project cooperation innovations
  • Education, consultancy and coaching for project management needs

Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurial Environmental Protection

Head: Assoc. Prof. Matjaž Denac, Ph.D.,

Research areas:

  • Environmental management research
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Carbon footprint
  • Development and eco-design of packaging


Institute of Tourism and Business Logistics

Head: Assoc. Prof. Sonja Sibila Lebe, Ph.D.,

Research areas:

  • Sustainable tourism development: elaborating strategic development plans for destinations
  • Destination management – choosing optimal development plans for each destination
  • Development of trendy tourism products for destinations
  • Cultural tourism development in a destination
  • Development of active holidays (including recreation, e.g. cycling, hiking)
  • Setting the destination’s USP
  • Sustainable tourism enterprise operations: elaboration of environment-friendly development plans
  • Ecotourism: consulting enterprises by applying for the EU Ecolabel certificate
  • Wellness with emphasis on wine and gastronomy
  • Tourism marketing – setting the USP for your tourism enterprise
  • Human resources management in tourism
  • Determination and minimisation of logistics costs
  • Optimisation of internal transport and warehousing
  • Inventory management

Institute of Corporate Governance and Strategic Management

Head: Full Prof. Jernej Belak, Ph.D.,

Research areas:

  • Corporate governance
  • Strategic management
  • Process, instrumental and institutional dimensions of management
  • Corporate integrity and business compliance
  • Organizational culture
  • Business ethics
  • Company credibility
  • Organizational philosophy
  • Corporate social responsibility

Institute of e-business and Information Technology Management

Head: Assoc. Prof. Igor Perko, Ph.D.,

Research areas:

  • Information systems assessment
  • Assessment and selection of information solutions
  • Consulting on information projects – planning, implementation, conflict resolution, ‘second opinion – assessment’, etc.
  • Information technology management – assessment, concepts, methods
  • Digitalisation of the company
  • E-business – strategy development, IT solutions evaluation
  • ERP solutions – strategy, IT solutions evaluation, conflict mitigation and resistance to deployment, achievement of effects after the introduction
  • Business intelligence systems – strategy development, IT solutions evaluation, development and implementation support
  • Business forecasting information systems – strategy development, IT solutions evaluation, development and implementation support
  • Customer relations systems – strategy development, IT solutions evaluation, development and implementation support