International Regional Development Conference and 34th Sedlar Meeting

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International Regional Development Conference and 34th Sedlar MeetingInnovating regional policies and practices16 and 17 November 2023Maribor, Slovenia


ITEMA 2022

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6th International Scientific Conference on IT, Tourism, Economics, Management and Agriculture
Recent Advances in Information Technology, Tourism, Economisc, Management and Agriculture27. October 2022Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Maribor
(Razlagova ulica 20, Maribor)



The purpose of the annual ITEMA conference is to support the power of scientific research and dissemination of the research results with the objective to enhance society by advancing knowledge, policy-making, lives, and ultimately, the world. Our objective is to continue to be the foremost annual conference on cutting-edge theory and practice of information technology, tourism, economics, management, and agriculture; encouraging advancement via excellence, and interaction

2nd PROFEEDBACK Conference - COST 2022

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2nd PROFEEDBACK Conference

“Social Inclusion, Migration and Policy Inclusion”

(Cost program)

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Focus on evaluation of local, national or EU policies in the following themes:

  • Active inclusion (enabling all citizens, notably the most disadvantaged, to fully participate in society, including securing employment)
  • Socio-economic integration of third-country nationals,
  • Socio-economic integration of marginalised communities, such as Roma people,
  • Social integration of people at risk of poverty and social exclusion,
  • Promoting the social economy and social enterprises,
  • Breaking the intergenerational cycles of disadvantage,
  • Access to affordable housing

12. - 13. September 2022
















Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Maribor

Online (WEB) Conference



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Wriclaw Annual International Conference on Health and Lifestyle
Economic, social and health challenges in a post-pandemic society19. - 20. May 2022Wroclow, Poland

Online (WEB) Conference