About Slovenia and Maribor


Slovenia, the green heart of Europe, lies between the mountainous Austria, Croatia and Italy, flat Hungary and the warm Adriatic Sea. Its variety and beauty surprise visitors from all over the world. Snowy Alpine peaks and the Triglav National Park with many glacial valleys, gorges, waterfalls, lakes, and crystal-clear wild waters visitors looking for peace in the mountains, as well as sports climbers, skiers, canoeists and gliders in search for relaxation and excitement. The Alpine tourist centre is Bled with an island in the middle of a lake and a mighty castle on top of the cliff. Only a two hours' drive separates mountain lovers from pleasures offered by the Slovenian Mediterranean. Portorož Riviera with great hotels, a casino, congress centres, a marina and green countryside is known all around. A great deal of entertainment and the exquisite Primorska cuisine with fish specialities and top quality wines satisfy even the most pretentious tastes. The Karst region with its caves, plateaus, fields, disappearing streams, and a periodic lake offers many possibilities for exploring and discovering Slovenia. There are many subterranean caves, from the world famous Postojnska Cave with beautiful stalactites, pillars and rocky curtains and UNESCO's heritage Škocjan Caves to grottos that are difficult to access, where climbing is only possible with experienced local guides. In Lipica (Karst), sheltered by century-old lime trees, there is an over 400 year old stud farm of Lipizzaners, the famous white horses of Slovenian origin.

Basic data

Official nameRepublic of Slovenia
Area20,273 km2
Forest10,124 km2
Lenght of coast46,6 km
Population2 million
CapitalLjubljana (≈266,000 inhabitants)
ClimateAlpine, Continental, Mediterranean
Time zoneCentral European time (GMT+1)
Political systemMultiparty poarliamentary democracy
EconomyGDP p.c. 29,200,82 USD
Drinking waterThe tap water is safe and drinkable throughout the country.

Numerous natural spas developed near thermal and mineral springs. Their slogan is a healthy spirit and body, relaxation and well-being, entertainment and recreation in all seasons. The cultural heritage of Slovenia is opulent and colourful but unfortunately often abandoned. One of the indicators of the rich Slovenian history and cultural heritage are its castles. The Slovenian identity has developed together with a rich cultural life. It is mirrored in village and city architecture, numerous folk customs, cultural events, museums and galleries. Ljubljana, the capitalof Slovenia, is an architectural treasure, the centre of economic, cultural and political life with a lively tourist atmosphere. Information and sources:


Maribor, whose origins as a town can be traced back to the 13th century, is today the second largest city (115 000 inhabitants) of Slovenia and represents the centre of Slovenian Styria (Štajerska) region. The city’s character has been shaped by its industry, which once performed a significant role in the Slovenian economy. Apart from that, Maribor offers a rich and varied cultural experience to inhabitants and visitors alike with its renowned Slovenian National Theatre Maribor, featuring drama, opera and ballet performances, a number of museums and galleries offering numerous cultural events. In addition to many cultural events, the citizens can enjoy the city’s beautiful and relaxing surroundings as it lies at the foothills of the Pohorje mountains, providing several outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing. Special events, such as the traditional Golden Fox Trophy, a Women’s Ski World Cup competition, as well as the international multicultural Festival Lent and events around the Old Vine provide a particularly animated atmosphere. Maribor is also known for its excellent wines, as many vineyards surround the city. Moreover, with its University, Maribor is also a city with a distinguished intellectual potential. The fact that the town has chosen to call itself “the University city” denotes its awareness of the importance of education and research in its development. All these features make Maribor an attractive and enjoyable destination for visitors from Slovenia and abroad. Tourist Information: