Health insurance

During their temporary stay in the Republic of Slovenia, insured persons from the EU member states will be able to claim medical services in public health institutions and from private doctors who have concluded a contract with the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (HIIS) on the basis of the European health insurance card.

Students from the EU countries need a Health Insurance Card and two photocopies of it. Students from countries outside the EU must bring a document confirming that they have insurance in their home country, along with their passports.

Students from other countries can either arrange their insurance in Slovenia, which costs approximately 110 EUR (per month) or pay for necessary medical treatment. However, we strongly advise obtaining insurance with insurance company in your home country, which offers arrangements for time spent abroad. Later you may ask for reimbursement of medical expenses in your home country – please check the details at your insurance company.

Medical services may only be claimed at the primary level in health centres and from general practitioners who have concluded a contract with the HIIS, while from specialists and in hospitals this may only be done on the basis of a doctor's referral issued by a general practitioner. In cases of emergency a foreign insured person may also go directly to the emergency service in the nearest hospital.