Mission and Vision

FEB's Mission

“The Faculty of Economics and Business contributes to the holistic development of individuals and participates in the development of the economy and community at both the national and wider European levels through its synthesis of economics and business research and education.”

FEB's Vision

“FEB will be recognized nationally and throughout the wider European Region as an excellent research-oriented and globally-connected school of economics and business.”

FEB's Strategic Orientation

The following strategic objectives support the mission statement:

  • Meaningful and impactful research.
  • Continuous support for faculty and staff development.
  • Ongoing cooperation with the business community.
  • Current and effective undergraduate and postgraduate study programs and life-long education in the field of economics and business.
  • Increased internationalization in all operational areas.
  • Encouragement of socially responsible behavior and morally and ethically principled action.
  • Assurance of interdisciplinary knowledge and spreading awareness for sustainable development.

FEB's Core Values

  • Academic freedom
  • Knowledge
  • Cooperation
  • Personal and social responsibility
  • Equality and democracy
  • Credibility and ethical action
  • Dialogue and interpersonal respect
  • Innovation
  • Critical thinking
  • Entrepreneurship.