Call for papers

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Researchers, academics, policy makers and practitioners are encouraged to present their findings, case studies and observations on various spectrums of economy and society on the following suggested tracks:

Management and Globalisation (Track No1)

Chair: prof. dr. Vojko Potočan (FEB)

Co-Chair: prof. dr. Kirti Sharma (MDI)

E-Business and Information Management (Track No2)

Chair: prof. dr. Samo Bobek (FEB)

Co-Chair: prof. dr. D P Goyal (MDI)

Corporate Governance and Strategic Management  (Track No3)Chair: prof. dr. Jernej Belak (FEB)
Entrepreneurship Ecosystems, Sustainability and Growth Oriented Entrepreneurship  (Track No4)Chair: prof. dr. Miroslav Rebernik (FEB)
Current Issues in Economic Policy  (Track No5)Chair: prof. dr. Sebastjan Strašek (FEB)
Chair: prof. dr. Davorin Kračun (FEB)
Finance and Banking: Current Challenges  (Track No6)Chair: prof. dr. Timotej Jagrič (FEB)
Accounting and Auditing (Track No7)Chair: prof. dr. Lidija Hauptman (FEB)
Marketing (Track No8)

Chair: prof. dr. Aleksandra Pisnik (FEB)

Co-Chair: prof. dr. Mukul Gupta (MDI)

International Economics and Business, Logistics and Tourism (Track No9)

Chair: prof. dr. Klavdij Logožar (FEB)

Co-Chair: prof. dr. S Chatterjee (MDI)

Quantitative Economic and Business methods for recovering markets (theory and applications)  (Track No10)

Chair: prof. dr. Vesna Čančer (FEB)

Co-Chair: prof. dr. Narain Gupta (MDI)