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Romana Korez-Vide, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at the UM FEB. Her research and teaching area is International Economics and Business. After completing undergraduate studies she worked for three years (1993-1995) in the public administration (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia) and for three years (1995-1998) in the export department of medium-sized private company (TSP Ltd). In 1998 she gained a research grant for postgraduate studies from the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia and started to cooperate with FEB as a young researcher and later on as a Teaching Assistant (1998-2009). She obtained her PhD degree at the UM FEB in 2005. Her research field comprises the following topics: Globalization of economies, institutional mechanisms for promotion of international trade and investment, institutional support to the internationalization of SMEs, trade costs and international trade flows, management of intercultural differences in international business, cultural diplomacy, opportunities and challenges of the European Union single market, country’s international competitiveness and economic growth, national stereotypes in international business. She performs or co-performs the following courses: Intercultural Business Communication (ERASMUS students), International Economic System, International Business Operation, Export Marketing, Management of International Marketing, Basics of International Business Operation and Tourism and International Economic Relations. She attended numerous trainings at home or abroad : Intercultural Fluency Training Programme, British Council, UM (2016), Workshop Giving Lectures in English, UM FEB (2016), Workshop Academic Writing in English, UM FEB (2016), Workshop Teaching International Students – Intercultural Awareness across the curriculum, CMEPIUS, Ljubljana (2015), Workshop Assessment and preparation of students' knowledge testing, UM (2015), Workshop Valuation of own pedagogical work, UM (2015), Workshop Contemporary teaching methods: teaching for active study, UM (2015), Workshop E-education, UM (2015), Workshop European project proposal development, UM FEB (2015), Cambridge ESOL Examination, British Council Ljubljana (2008), New Financial Perspective of the EU 2007-2013, European House Ljubljana, Slovenian Business and Research Agency Brussels, Hyperion Ireland (Ljubljana, 2007), Being Mobile, European Network for Languages and Business Studies (Vilnius, 2006), Train the Trainers, Chamber of Economy of  Slovenia, Ramboll Institute Denmark (Maribor,2006), Public Relations of a  Foreign Ministry (Stockholm, 1994), Government of the Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Justice, Professional Examination for employees in Government Administration and Judicial Affairs (1994). Dr. Korez Vide is or was a principle researcher in the following projects : Jean Monnet project: Big Data EU Business Implications (2015-2018), Intercultural differences and Stereotypization, National Target Research Project (2013-2015), Erasmus Intensive Programme Public and Private Partnership: Working for Change and Cooperation (2012-2014), Jean Monnet project European Union for Youth (2012-2013), Jean Monnet Module European Business and Law (2006-2009), Mechanisms and Provisions for Promotion of Internationalization of Slovenian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), National Target Research Project (2006-2008), The Elements of Support to the Strategic and Operative Aspects of International Development Cooperation of the Republic of Slovenia, National Target Research Project (2006 – 2008), A Framework of Slovenian Decision-making Process and the Process of International Negotiations in the Context of Common Foreign Trade Policy of the EU, National Target Research Project (2006 – 2007), The System of Indicators for Assessment of Global Competitiveness of Slovenian Economy, National Target Research Project (2003-2005), The System of Indicators for Measuring Globalization of National Economy, project financed by the Ministry of Science and Technology in the framework of »young researchers« programme (PhD Theses) (2002-2005), The Strategy of Conformation of Slovenian Textile, Clothing and Leather-processing Industry to the European Union, project financed by the Ministry of Science and Technology in the framework of »young researchers« programme (MA Theses) (1999 – 2002). Other professional activities at the UM FEB : Head of the study field International Business (undergraduate professional programme), Head of the Institute of International Trade at FEB, co-editor of the international scientific journal Our Economy, a member of the FEB’s Committee for International Cooperation, a member of the FEB’s Committee for Quality assessment. Dr. Korez Vide is a member of the Academy of International Business (AIB).


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