Student organisations at the FEB

Alumni FEB

The FEB graduates, who are successfully building their professional careers, meet in the Alumni FEB club. Alumni FEB is a professional, scientific and social meeting-point of all graduates from all generations of students that studied at the FEB. This strengthens the ties between the graduates and the FEB and broadens the cooperation with the economy and other social institutions.

The aim of these ties is to reach mutual professional and personal benefits from the exchange of knowledge and experience. The FEB thus understands the economic and social issues better and which enables it to develop new programmes for new generations of students in a more profound way. Many Alumni members hold important managerial positions in public and private organisations in Slovenia and abroad.

FEB Student Council

The FEB Student Council is the only student management body at the Faculty and consists of 12 members. The students from each year of study, including post-graduate students, vote their own representatives and presidents at direct elections. The Council is chaired by the vice-dean for student issues.

The Council represents student interests in various Faculty bodies, it helps students to solve different study-related problems and it expresses opinions on study programmes and academic staff. In addition, the students carry out questionnaires about the satisfaction of students at the FEB, organise round table discussions, sports events and a sophisticated social event of the year – the ‘FEB Freshman Party’.


Tutors students are a team of eleven students at least second year students at Faculty of Economics and Business, who are there to help the first year students. We are accessible in the tutor office or via e-mail. We offer solutions to student questions like:

  • Where can I find the certain class, the office…? 
  • When is the right time to register for the exams? 
  • How to master the study material? 
  • Where can I buy student coupons? 

 The main purpose of the tutor system

  • To help the students to get involved in the faculty system 
  • To guide the students through the study and help them with problems that appear in the first year of study 
  • To improve the students´ results, the quality of learning,  to increase their fluctuation to higher grades 

Main tasks of tutors students:

  • Offering help to freshmen 
  • Giving information about faculty issues and studying 
  • Giving advice how to cope with the problems of study 
  • Solving problems 

More about tutors: Tutorji

The FEB Marketing Club

The FEB Marketing Club is an association of ambitious students at the Faculty of Economics and Business and has been active since 1997. Its members gain knowledge and experience within different projects for the students, the economy and the FEB. The Club’s principle areas of work are: marketing, management, organisation of various events, public relations, tourism, etc.

The FEB Marketing Club was established in 1997 upon the initiative of the marketing students at the Faculty. They saw the Club as an opportunity to start building their professional careers already in their student years and as the possibility to have realistic opportunities for employment adequate to their degrees.

The FEB Marketing Club has been active in the following projects and events:

  • FEB Project Days’
  • ‘Študentski borzni fokus’ – lectures on stock market operations
  •  ‘Drops of Marketing’ – meetings with experts
  • participation in student magazine ‘Status’
  • participation at the International Festival of Creative Communication ‘Magdalena’
  • organisation of round table discussions
  • professional excursions to successful companies (Mercator, Pivovarna Union, KRKA, etc.)
  • participation at conferences and seminars (SOF, Magdalena, SKOJ, etc.)

The FEB Marketing Club’s mission is to combine theory and practice, to serve as the link between academic staff, the students and professionals. The work and socialising at the Club are based on the acquisition of experience and broadening of knowledge.


AIESEC International and AIESEC Maribor
AIESEC Maribor is a part of AIESEC International, which is the world’s largest student organisation. It is present in over 100 countries and at more than 1,100 universities throughout the world. Since its beginnings, it has developed into an organisation with endless energy and inspiration.Its international professional exchanges and support activities provide practical learning experience to thousands of young people.

Far the best experiences available to AIESEC members are the work-abroad opportunities, which are offered to more than 4,000 students annually. Work placements in the organisations in selected countries may last up to 18 months. The members work in a wide range of fields in the economy as well as in public and civil sector. AIESEC organises more than 350 conferences annually and provides more than 5,000 leadership positions. Together with a focus on building personal networks and exploring the direction and ambition of their future, AIESEC has an innovative approach to engaging and developing young people. Our partner organisations see AIESEC as the path to development of young people and as the means of the access to high-potential young talent from around the world.