Research activities

At the Faculty of Economics and Business, teaching staff work in the research field within research programs and projects. Research programs, basic projects, applicative projects and postdoctoral projects, CRPs and other projects are financed by the Slovenian Research Agency, from the state budget.

Furthermore, researchers work in the framework of projects commissioned by economic operators. Scientific research work is also carried out in the framework of international projects financially supported by international programs such as Horizon 2020, Erasmus +, Interreg, Norway Grants and others.


Institute of Accounting, Auditing and Business Taxation

Head: Assist. Prof. Andreja Lutar Skerbinjek,


- Bilateral cooperation SI - BIH - Instruments for the prevention of economic crime - theory, practice and solutions in Slovenia and the Republic of Serbia, BiH

- Erasmus +, KA2 - Increasing awareness and recognition of social and environmental management accounting in academic training and research (Gediz University)

Institute of Business Law

Head: Prof. Borut Bratina, Ph.D.,


- Marketing projects, consultations, expertise for:

- Sport Lottery of Slovenia PLC


- Dominvest Ltd.

- AUDIT-IN, economic and financial engineering Ltd.

- Slovenske železnice Ltd.

- H & R, investment management company, PLC

- Dom Lipa Ltd.

- Termoelektrarna Šoštanj

- Mining construction programs Ltd.

- Municipality of Maribor - Municipality of Maribor

- Strength Ltd.

Institute of Economic Analysis and Forecasting

Head: Prof. Darja Boršič, Ph.D.,


- Research program - Adapting the Slovenian economy and the developmental identity of Slovenia in the EU

- Central Europe - Regions benefiting from returning migrations (ReTurn)

- Market projects, consulting and expertise - Cooperation agreement - Merck Sharp & Dohme

Institute of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Head: Prof.  Miroslav Rebernik, Ph.D.,


- Research program - Entrepreneurship for innovative society

- Slovenian Entrepreneurial Observatory for 2016 and 2017

- Global Entrepreneurial Monitor - GEM for 2016 and 2017

- Contract for intellectual services - OECD

- Erasmus - Public Private Partnership

- Tempus - Strengthening higher education in the sphere of finance in Siberia and Far East Russia (Tomsk University)

Institute of Finance and Banking

Head: Prof. Timotej Jagric, Ph.D., Ph.D.,


- Marketing projects, consulting and expertise - Post Ltd.

Institute of International Trade

Head: Assist. Prof. Romana Korez Vide, Ph.D.,


- Jean Monnet - European Union for Youth

Institute of Languages ​​and Foreign Business Languages

Head: Prof.  Natasa Gajst, M.S.,


- Marketing projects, consulting and expertise - German language courses - Concept Tech GmbH

Institute of Marketing

Head: Prof. Damijan Mumel, Ph.D.,


- Marketing projects, consulting and expertises - SODO Ltd.

- Pioneer Semena Holding GmbH

- International project - Culture4Leadership

Institute of Operational Research

Head: Prof. Alenka Kavkler, Ph.D.,


- Marketing projects, consulting and expertise

- Madison-systems Ltd.

- TOS Celje Ltd.

Institute of Management and Organization

Head: Assist. Prof. Simona Šarotar Žižek, Ph.D.,


- Bilateral cooperation Slovenia - Russia, Slovenia - USA, Slovenia  - Croatia, Slovenia -  Austria

- Interreg SI - AT - Smart production and services

- Interreg SI - AT - REGIO HELP

- Marketing projects, consulting and expertise - Elektrotehna Mikropis Group EMG

Institute of Project Management

Head: Assist. Prof. Igor Vrečko, Ph.D.,


- Research program - Advanced concepts of production management and dimensional metrology

- Marketing projects, consulting and expertise:

- Pošta Slovenije Ltd.

- Ministry of Public Administration

- Hydroelectric power stations on Spodnja Sava, Ltd..

- Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development

- Elektro Celje PLC

- Oven Ltd.

- Tiko pro, Ltd.

Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurial Environmental Protection

Head: Prof. Matjaž Denac, Ph.D.,


- Marketing projects, consulting and expertise:

- Gorenje Ltd.

- Mariborska razvojna agencija p.o. (MRA)

- Chemical institute

Institute of Tourism and Business Logistics

Head: Prof. Klavdij Logožar, Ph.D.,


- Target research project - Organic food in gastronomy - state, potential and concept (model) for the local supply of organic food

- Erasmus +, KA2 - Future-proof your classroom: teaching skills 2030

- Marketing projects, consulting

- Robotrade Ltd.

- Tourist farm Marjanca

- Erasmus +, KA2 - AWO - Academic Writing Online (University of Applied Sciences Burgenland)

Institute of Corporate Governance and Strategic Management

Head: Prof. Jernej Belak, Ph.D.,


- Bilateral cooperation between SI - BiH

- Erasmus +, KA2 - The acceleration method of the development of transversal competences in the student's practical training process

- Marketing projects, consulting - FEWI Ltd.

Institute of e-business and Information Technology Management

Head: Assist. Prof. Igor Perko, Ph.D.,


- Bilateral cooperation Slovenia - Russia,

- Erasmus +, Jean Monnet - Jean Monnet Module - Big data EU business implications

- Erasmus +, KA2 - Spital research of economic data - methods of interdisciplinary analytics

- Market projects, consulting and expertise – Agency for Energy

FEB Institutes

Research projects