Professional support

Cereer Opportunities

The FEB is aware of the fact that just good-quality programmes are not enough for the students to fully exploit their study potentials. For that reason, professional support is constantly developed and improved so as to facilitate the studies one would expect at a modern business school. In this way, the FEB assists students in networking and provides them with an adequate study environment.

The FEB Career Centre offers temporary work and job placement services. The Centre’s numerous activities help the students to gain experience and skills in career development and employment. At the same time, the Centre acts as an intermediary in employing young personnel with the knowledge in various fields of economics, which strengthens the ties and the cooperation between the economy, the Faculty and the students. The organisations may become acquainted with adequately qualified students and may, as a result, participate in their development. By strengthening such links between the FEB students and the employers, the latter may recruit well-trained and reliable personnel while the former increase their employability. 

The FEB Career Centre – Career Opportunities
The FEB Career Centre helps the students to become the managers of their own professional careers. The students learn to plan the start of their professional careers and they develop skills of successful communication, creative thinking, etc. They also have the opportunity to contact potential employees and gain work experience as well as build a network of business contacts.

When they complete their studies, the graduates must be particularly aware of their strengths, skills and interests when looking for a job. A FEB Career Centre psychologist is there to advise them.

Library and Reading Room

Students, teachers and other library members have access to study materials, i.e. books, textbooks information databases, serial publications (journals, newspapers, bulletins, etc.), diploma theses, master’s theses and dissertations, non-library materials and electronic resources, the most important of which are specialised databases with free and remote access.
The library personnel offer the users initial training and individual help regarding library information provision and materials search.  

Study Materials
The Faculty does its best to provide students with relevant study materials. To this end, it has its own publishing service which enables the purchase of study materials directly from the Faculty.

Information Resources
The FEB Library participates in the Slovenian library information system COBISS, which enables the access to materials in other libraries as well as to numerous foreign databases:

  • WoS,
  • ProQuest,
  • OCLC,
  • EIFL,
  • Science Direct. 

Apart from that, the FEB Library users may also access the following databases:

  • JSTOR,
  • GVIN – the Slovenian business information database.

Online Support

The Internet tools on the FEB Portal provide additional support to students. Apart from basic and daily information, the Portal publishes important news and messages from the Student Office, academic staff and other students. The students register to or withdraw from the exams, check exam results, select elective courses or book library material via the Internet.

FEB Facilities

Lecture Rooms
The FEB’s orientation into future is also illustrated through the application of modern education technology. The lecture rooms and seminar rooms are equipped with up-to-date multimedia equipment plus wireless educational network (BIO) EDUROAM.

Computer Centre
The FEB computer centre looks after modern computer classrooms designed for tutorials. Apart from tutorials and lectures, these rooms are available for the students’ individual or team work. The students may also use personal computers with the Internet connection which are placed in the halls of both buildings. The students have free access to selected Microsoft software within MSDN Academic Alliance free of charge.