Student experiences

Marzena Ficek from Katowice

Hello! If you think about studying somewhere abroad you have to choose the University of Maribor in Slovenia. Slovenia is a small but so beautiful country, Maribor is full of nice coffee places. The faculty offers interesting subjects and has very helpful professors. ESN organise a time full of attractions so you don’t even have to worry about being bored. What are you waiting for? Go and apply for a semester in Maribor.

Cecília Szolnoki from Budapest

I was a CEEPUS student in Maribor for the winter semester 2005/2006, and luckily, I could stay until June 2006. I applied for the prolongation because of the wonderful time, the school, and the surroundings. The professors here made our life easier, they were always ready to help, as well as the International Office and the ESN. If I had to choose again a place to go, for sure it would be Maribor again!

Hannu Arola from Vaasa

In my opinion, an exchange time is much more than just school. It’s about spending time with different people and a good experience of living in a foreign country… In Maribor, I lived in a student dormitory, which I really enjoyed. Overall, I want to say that my time in Maribor was one of the greatest periods in my whole life. I got a lot of new friends from all over the world.

Ivan Antonijević from Podgorica

This is my first time to be separated from my family for a longer period. The people in Maribor, the exchange students, the professors – all are really kind and help in any situation. So after one semester I decided to prolong my stay in Slovenia.

Margarita Nikolova and Dilyana Georgieva from Varna

For us, being Erasmus students has been the best time in our lives so far! We wouldn’t have imagined that so many different people from so many different countries can become such good friends. Besides, Erasmus proved to be useful for us because we learned about a foreign country, about the way of life, the culture by actually living here. We touched the atmosphere and we fell in love with Slovenia! Being Erasmus makes you even more open-minded, and it would never be the same without the ESN team and the International Office who always helped and advised us.

Mart Knol from Leeuwarden

When the teachers at my school told me to go to Maribor I had no idea to what kind of country I would be going. But after a few days in Maribor I experienced that the Slovenians were very nice and open minded. We stayed in a nice student dormitory and had the opportunity to visit also the neighbouring countries like Austria, Croatia and Hungary. I met people from other countries and got to know their habits: You can have a great time with other students at one of the parties. The faculty is very well arranged. The first day you get a good introduction what you can expect. And the courses that I followed had a good quality. When you have the opportunity of studying in Maribor don’t hesitate!

Maciej Antonczyk

I spent a really great time in Maribor and I already recommended that place a few persons. I am living 1200 km from you but I hope I will visit Mestni Park, Piramida Hill and KMS asap! I think that events like ‘’International Dinner’’ were the best one so maybe it should happen more often, or maybe connected just with drinks, another time with breakfast (like brunch in high school), another time with music… :)

Borja Jesus Moreno Hernandez

Maribor is better than I expected before come here, the environment is really good, meet people is easy because it is small city and university and girls know to speak spanish. I will come back!