Living conditions

Meals for students

In Slovenia, students (regular as well as exchange students) are entitled to buy meal coupons that can be used as payment in several restaurants, bistros, canteens, and pizzerias all over the town. Each student can get up to twenty coupons per month. The price varies from € 0.50 to € 3.50 representing a value of € 2.50 to € 6. So buying meal coupons is the cheapest way to get lunch or dinner. Current prices of coupons are available from the University of Maribor Student Organisation, choose “prehrana”, under “ponudba v mestu” click on Maribor.

Cost of living

  • Accommodation: from € 60 (student dormitory, double room) to € 200 (private accommodation) per month
  • Food: from € 100 to € 200 per month
  • Books, scripts: from € 50 to € 100 per semester

Average retail prices are available from the Statistical Office.


Places in Dormitories
The rooms in the Student Dormitories (two locations in the city of Maribor: Tyrševa ulica 23 and Gosposvetska cesta 83) are mostly double rooms, 5 to 6 rooms share a kitchen, bathroom and toilets. In the student dorms pillows and bed linen are provided, but you should bring your own towels. The residence fees are approximately € 60 per person in a double room per month. You have to pay the residence fees for three months in advance upon your arrival, and a security deposit of € 60 which will be refunded at your departure if there is no damage to your room. There is Internet and telephoneaccess in some rooms.

If there are no more places free in the student dormitories, the International Relations Office can reserve rooms in some dorms for secondary school students. The residence fees vary from € 70 to € 120 per month, mostly including breakfast.

Private Accommodation
A more expensive way of staying in Maribor is renting a private room or a flat. There is plenty of information about different kinds of rooms and rents in the local newspapers. We suggest you look through the advertisements when you arrive with a Slovenian student - your mentor. Renting a private room will cost you from € 100 to € 200 per month plus expenses (electricity, water, etc.).

Private rooms can be found at

Contact person for accommodation

Ana Milovan, University of Maribor, International Relations Office
+386 2 2355 268


Non-EU citizens
Students are advised to apply for a residence permit on time; it can take more than two months to obtain it. Consult the Embassies, Diplomatic Missions and Consulates General of the Republic of Slovenia. The application for residence must be accompanied by evidence of fulfilment of the following conditions:

  • a valid passport whose expiry date exceeds by at least three months the intended period of stay in the Republic of Slovenia
  • the enrolment at the University of Maribor
  • an appropriate health insurance
  • sufficient means of subsistence during their stay in the country or the subsistence must be otherwise guaranteed

Within three days of arriving in Maribor, the student has to confirm the residence permit at the Municipality (Upravna enota Maribor), address: SI-2501 Maribor, Ulica heroja Staneta 1,

Sources: Government of the Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of the Interior

Compulsory health insurance

During their temporary stay in the Republic of Slovenia, insured persons from the EU member states will be able to claim medical services in public health institutions and from private doctors who have concluded a contract with the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (HIIS) on the basis of the European health insurance card.

Medical services may only be claimed at the primary level in health centres and from general practitioners who have concluded a contract with the HIIS, while from specialists and in hospitals this may only be done on the basis of a doctor's referral issued by a general practitioner. In cases of emergency a foreign insured person may also go directly to the emergency service in the nearest hospital.