International student and staff mobility

Stemming from its long and successful tradition, the FEB undertook an important task to give European integrated international dimension to its educational and research activities and hence continuously create new opportunities for students and academic staff alike in the form of linkage and cooperation with renowned foreign experts, partner universities, education, etc.

The FEB is proud of its long and successful experience in international student and staff exchange. Namely, the FEB was one of the first Slovenian universities to enable and recognise the whole semester of studies that our students complete at any of the renowned universities abroad. In addition, the FEB helps the students to carry out compulsory practical training in companies abroad.

The FEB International Office was established to support the Faculty’s internationalisation and to facilitate the development of various European mobility programmes.

The most important exchanges are performed within various programmes, i.e. Erasmus, Ceepus, Leonardo da Vinci and Bilateral Exchange Agreements.

In terms of their scope, the international activities present one of the largest ones at the FEB both in terms of student and staff mobility and in terms of research and development cooperation in Europe.

Within the ‘LifeLongLearning’ programme, the FEB has concluded agreements with more than 70 European universities in the following countries: Austria, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Turkey, the Netherlands, Portugal, the Slovak Republic and Poland. 

Every year, the FEB International Office and other organisations prepare the traditional event called ‘The International Days’. Its ‘Pack’n’go’ slogan promotes international mobility projects.

The ‘International Days’ event features foreign universities, foreign companies and prominent guests from abroad. ‘A Global Village’, a number of round table discussions and social events are organised to encourage mobility and promote ‘international attitude’ at home.

Compared with other Slovenian Faculties, the FEB is at the very top as regards the ratio of outgoing and incoming students.