International student and staff mobility

Stemming from its long and successful tradition, the FEB undertook an important task to give European integrated international dimension to its educational and research activities and hence continuously create new opportunities for students and academic staff alike in the form of linkage and cooperation with renowned foreign experts, partner universities, education, etc.

The FEB is proud of its long and successful experience in international student and staff exchange. Namely, the FEB was one of the first Slovenian universities to enable and recognise the whole semester of studies that our students complete at any of the renowned universities abroad. In addition, the FEB helps the students to carry out compulsory practical training in companies abroad.


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As new study year had started a lot of Erasmus Students came to Maribor. They all are wondering how're they gonna survive Erasmus in Maribor?! And...

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It is our great pleasure to invite you to the »11th International week« hosted by the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Maribor,...

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Faculty of Economics and Business will hold the 9th International Language Conference on the Importance of Learning Professional Foreign Languages for...